David Moye

Twitter Users Mock White House’s Limit On 4 COVID Tests

The Biden administration’s decision to send COVID tests to each American household has been a long time coming, but the program is testing the patience of many Twitter users. The White House plans to initially send out only four rapid tests to each household, but is requiring private insurers to cover the cost of up […]Read More

CDC Warns Americans: Don’t Kiss Or Snuggle Your Bearded Dragon

Snuggling a bearded dragon could end up being a stomach-churning experience. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday published information suggesting that a recent salmonella outbreak in 25 states seems to be linked to people who got up close and personal with one of the lizards. Advertisement More than 44 people have gotten […]Read More

ESPN Analyst Recommends NFL Players Take Viagra Before Cold Games

ESPN analyst Bart Scott aroused a lot of attention on Thursday when he suggested NFL players in cold climates might want to pop Viagra before games. The temperature for Saturday’s playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots is predicted to be a chilly 7 degrees, according to Mediaite. That could present a […]Read More

Texas GOP’s Attempt To Conflate COVID Testing With Voter Rights

You have to stand for something, but it appears the Republican Party of Texas is against COVID testing and short lines for voting. That’s based on a trollish tweet the Texas GOP posted Friday that seemed to lambaste people who think it’s possible to have easy access to voting and COVID-19 tests. Advertisement If you […]Read More